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Kauai sea tours

Kauai Sea Tours Napali Coast Snorkeling Raft Adventure

The impressive 17-mile shoreline on the north side of Kauai presents the perfect setting for a snorkel and sightseeing quest. Set out on a 24-foot rigid inflatable raft with only a small group of 14 passengers and crew. The boat is similar to those used by Navy Seals, and is known for a smooth and steady ride.

$175$185Savings Per Couple $20

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Lucky Lady Kauai

Lucky Lady Kauai Napali Coast Snorkeling Adventure

The spacious 60-foot double hull catamaran, the Lucky Lady Kauai, is your custom built vessel for your snorkel adventure along the Na Pali Coastline. The comfortable and stable boat gives you plenty of room to lounge about, too!

Kauai snorkeling

Kauai Snorkeling – Na Pali Coast With HoloHolo Charters

The 48′ sailing catamaran Leila will take you on a sailing adventure to last a lifetime. See towering sea cliffs, secluded waterfalls, verdant emerald valleys and hidden beaches with plenty of chances to take photos to bring home with you.

$150$159Savings Per Couple $18

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Kauai dinner snorkel cruise

Lucky Lady Kauai Sunset Snorkel Cruise Combo

This tour offers snorkeling, history, legends, a waterslide and the chance to see playful dolphins! The voyage home is complete with dinner and a romantic sunset to top off the perfect day.

Blue Dolphin Kauai

Blue Dolphin Kauai – Deluxe Na Pali Coast Snorkel Tour

No trip to the island of Kauai is complete without a visit to the magical Na Pali Coast. Let Blue Dolphin Kauai take you on a snorkel adventure aboard their spacious 65-foot catamaran, built specifically for this journey!

$170$190Savings Per Couple $40

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Kauai boat tours

Deluxe Na Pali & Niihau Snorkeling Kauai Boat Tour

Travel along the coastline on a Kauai boat tour seeking the famed Na Pali coastline. Featuring staggering sea cliffs, surging waterfalls and sea caves, this journey is always an adventure.

$200$215Savings Per Couple $30

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Na Pali Coast Snorkeling tour

Na Pali Coast Snorkeling Tour – Rafting Adventure

You’ll be whisked away on a catamaran for a nonstop adventure tour of the Island of Kauai and its famous Na Pali coast snorkeling. This remote area hosts a healthy population of fish, coral and even sea turtles! Dolphin sightings common.

$170$189Savings Per Couple $38

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Kauai rafting tour

Snorkeling and Nualolo Kai Beach Landing Kauai Rafting Tour

You’ve never been on a snorkel tour quite like this! This rock and roll Kauai rafting tour is an experience in Hawaiian heritage and history, as well as sightseeing both above and below the water.

$195$210Savings Per Couple $30

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