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First, thanks for visiting my site and congratulations on your decision to visit Kauai. You can start saving time by using a little time to read this page and learn how to get the most from Hawaii Discount Activities. We have been helping Kauai visitors have fun for 17 years and we can do the same for you.

Now for a little history. Back in 1988 Boss Frog designed and built a sailing catamaran called the Frogman. He built it for comfort and fun for Hawaiian Waters. Once he built his first boat, he sailed it from California all the way to Maui to start up a business that was based on fun. As he got established with his new vessel he started figuring out exactly what the visitors interests are and what he could do to better accommodate that. This is when he created Boss Frog’s Dive & Surf Shops, which today has 6 great locations on Maui. He decided instead of just focusing on the fun in the water he could network all of the companies and tours on Maui into his own vacation network so that visitors didn’t have to go all over the place to figure out where the best deals are and what is the most fun.

Today he has done just that! He now owns and operates 6 shops on Maui, as well as 2 charter boats the Frogman2 and the Quicksilver and employs over 50 people. Some may think Boss Frog doesn’t really exist, they may have met him and didn’t know it, but in reality he is working hard everyday to make Maui a better place. Boss Frog quite often makes reservations for guests or Captains the boats, even washes snorkel gear or works on networking to be able to deliver more fun to you. Welcome to Boss Frog’s Vacation network!

This site is for people that are planning a visit to Maui in the near or distant future. If you bookmark (make one of your favorites) this page you can easily get back to plan your vacation at your leisure. Use this site is to peruse the Kauai Ocean Activities, Kauai Land Tours, Kauai Air Tours, kauai Luaus, and our Kauai discount activity specials section to see the many options Maui has to offer. This site will help you make informed decisions on the activities you would most enjoy and fit into your budget. There are so many wonderful things to do and see on this island you just can’t do it all in one visit. So let me show you your options and let you plan the vacation that’s right for you. When you are here on Maui stop by one of Boss Frog’s shops and rent your snorkel gear or surfboards or just ask us questions to make your trip more fun. We carry a wide variety of everything you may need for your trip in every shop so come check us out.

Much of this site is information on things that The Frog feels you should know no matter who you are or where you shop when you get here. Of course when it comes to renting snorkel sets or other beach gear, The Frog offers the best quality, service and prices on the island. And going out on one of his boats may be the best experience of your trip.