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Kipu Ranch ATV Tour

Kipu Ranch ATV Tour – Waterfall and Picnic Extravaganza

Join the fun-loving crew of Kipu Ranch ATV on a sensational sightseeing adventure into the beauty of Kauai. Explore the privately owned ranchland spanning 3,000 acres from the Haleia River to the summit of Mount Haupu!

$$168Savings Per Couple $336

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Kipu Ranch Adventures

Kipu Ranch Adventures – Ultimate Tour. Visit Famous Movie Locations & More!

Kauai ATV tours offer an exciting, sightseeing thrill ride through the beautiful island countryside, great for families, beginners and advanced riders. Take in the epic sights, home to famous scenes from Hollywood films. Trek along dirt paths and pastures, and drive through the jungle to the Hule’ia River!

$$135Savings Per Couple $270

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Koloa tour

Koloa Tour With Kauai ATV Tours

When you’re ready to get off the beach and get your adrenaline fix, come get dirty with the Kauai ATV Koloa Tour! Drive over old trails and through a big tunnel from the first commercially successful sugar mill in Hawaii, check out famous movie sites, and head over to the shoreline of Waita Reservoir.

$124$133Savings Per Couple $18

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Kauai ATV tour

Waterfall Adventure Kauai ATV Tour

Explore nearly 24 miles of undeveloped splendor in this muddy Kauai ATV tour!  Friends, families and couples love this outdoor thrill ride through this area rich in history.

$149$163Savings Per Couple $28

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