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Na Pali Coast Snorkeling Tour - Rafting Adventure

You’ll be whisked away on a catamaran for a nonstop adventure tour of the Island of Kauai and its famous Na Pali coast snorkeling. This remote area hosts a healthy population of fish, coral and even sea turtles! Dolphin sightings common.

Kauai Sea Tours Napali Coast Snorkeling Raft Adventure

The impressive 17-mile shoreline on the north side of Kauai presents the perfect setting for a snorkel and sightseeing quest. Set out on a 24-foot rigid inflatable raft with only a small group of 14 passengers and crew. The boat is similar to those used by Navy Seals, and is known for a smooth and steady ride.
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Snorkeling and Nualolo Kai Beach Landing Kauai Rafting Tour

You’ve never been on a snorkel tour quite like this! This rock and roll Kauai rafting tour is an experience in Hawaiian heritage and history, as well as sightseeing both above and below the water.